Thought for the moment...July 19, 2017
What is courage? Courage is the willingness to risk failure...There is only one danger I find in life, and that, indeed, is a real one. You may take too many precautions. -Alfred Adler
There is a courage of happiness as well as a courage of sorrow.
^ยก^ Namaste^!^
Happy Feet for Summer!July 1, 2017
Feet Paradise$40
Are your feet ready for Summer? Try the Diva Dry Pedicure. It is a delightful treat for those hardworking feet that have to lug you around all day shopping/running/walking in everyday. Shaping the nails, conditioning the cuticles and calluses, following by OPI polish.
- Foot Massage $20
- Shellac or Gel Remove $25

Why waterless
- removes the risks associated with water-borne microbes and bacteria,
- removes the chance of cross contamination due to standing water in tubs or pipes,
- reduces impact on an already fragile water system by saving from 10 - 15 gallons of water per pedicure,
- removes risk caustic cleaning products can have when they reach the water supply
Care for - ThyselfJuly 1, 2017
Re-connect Bodywork Massage$75
Lifting you from the depths of sorrow, finding love in your heart and building strong foundations that are healthy and long-lasting; a creation that captivates the soul and lends a truly memorable experience to life's passages.

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